Fight your boss over a game prototype, and then fight the skeleton boss IN the prototype!



  • Move with WASD or ARROW KEYS
  • Quick attack with left mouse button or Z
  • Heavy attack with right mouse button or  (unlocked after first boss)
  • Dash with space or left shift (dashing doesn't give you immortality)

We are SpaghetTeam, 

We are Italian,

We like videogames,

We met via "team finder page" for the GMTK2021.2 game jam

Original soundtrack and sound effects by Sandro Pavone / Khlavem Productions

Theme was : BOSS
Restriction was: ON THE EDGE

Results (410 entries) :
Fun/design #3rd  🥉
Technical implementation #7
Overall #10
Theme/limitation #13
Music/sound #14
Graphics/animation #66


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this was awesome, really like it I really only got 3 complaints, 1 make a potential log or maybe  ignore mouse clicks after the final hit is dealt because i noticed i missed dialogue as i was trying to do 2 attacks when the boss only needed 1 smack, and On that wall of fire like attack I noticed a gap that I think you should be able to run through (but in context of the game being a prototype it makes sense sort of), that and its kinda too repetitive maybe add another attack and have it potentially alternate  between the 2, Other than THAT AMAZING GAME, i would love to see it extended in the future  


Pretty cool, but general usability feedback, while you can play with the keyboard only, you cannot advance the store with the keyboard. Which is a shame, as switching between keyboard and mouse is always odd.

Thank you for your feedback, you are absolutely right! I Discovered that the game was "full playable" with keyboard after the release, otherwise I would have insisted on implementing a way to skip text with it!


Fun and interesting! It feels so juicy! Great game! Maybe a bit too much text. 


Very FUN & enjoyable level design - good narrative and fun gameplay - I would have like the boss to be harder beacuse dashing around was fun & intuitive.


That was great! You took the "boss" part to the maximum! Also, grats to the "sound department" for making an enhanced version of a song which was pretty good in the 1st part as well!

we tried to tell him! "that's just too good, it should improve in the second part!" 

it's just one of the 582834 things we couldn't adjust for the submission deadline. 

Thank you for playing!


Cool game! I like the meta narrative utilizing the “boss”, and the fact that it also uses the video-game interpretation of “boss” is good too.

I think the player should be better differentiated from the background - maybe they could be a brighter color? Also it’s kinda weird that the dash seemingly doesn’t have any invincibility. I guess adding that would let you cheese the shockwave phase, but it still felt weird (probably would’ve messed me up severely if I, uh, actually used the dash a significant amount).


we talked about the dash but I insisted that we couldn't teach how to dodge with invincibility in a couple minutes, still not sure about the result.

let's talk about gray on gray projectiles...just stupid , don't know how we left them in xD

 Thank you for the feedback and thank you for playing!


Honestly this was sick. Not sure how much time went into it but 10 days to do this and it already seems like a trial for a real game. Good job.


We still can't believe we managed to submit something without game breaking bugs. 

We worked hard on this,thank you for playing