A downloadable GaMeme for Windows

The evil Quitter Bots have built their base on Mars,  help Melon Husk  to destroy them and colonize the Red Planet:

  • Collect DogeCoins and PowerUps
  • Destroy the evil Quitter Bots with "The Blowing Gun" or the "Space Y Cannon",  have no mercy!
  • Build "The HyperTube" to move faster among areas
  • Build a City that mines DogeCoins for you
  • Discover memes and Easter eggs

This game was made in a week starting from zero for the Nervos BlockJam, the jam was 3 weeks long but we "wasted" two weeks trying to read data from the blockchain because there was no SDK for Unreal Engine  😅.

Considering the few time we had we are pretty happy with the result and we hope you will like it too!


melonhusk-win.zip 234 MB
Version 6 Jul 23, 2022

Install instructions

We recommend to use the itch.io launcher to download and play the game without efforts, in the first window if you load NFTs from network be patient and wait for completion (or use the fallback ones). Enjoy!


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use an army of twitterbots and tweet Elon about this game, it's an accurate simulation about life on mars 


Very funny, a lot of cameo and sexy Melon Musk content ♥