You are a simple geist living in your sweet home.

One day, a company of moving orcs arrives, threatening to place furniture and make your house fit for residential use.

But you are not a mere guest of the place, you are its rightful owner! Wreak havoc among the orcs using your powers, activating traps, locking the doors, stealing furniture from their own hands: don't hold back!

Controls: Mouse  -  drag and drop

msilvestro  Tireless coding (look at that A* modified pathfinding!).
Spaghettino :  Design, curse words and general profanity.
Ares9323 (@Ares9323) : Overlays and effects, deep playtesting. : Concept, char design, storyboard, many other visuals.
Khlavem Productions : Original soundtrack , sounds.

We are an Italian team who assembled for the jam, we couldn't do everything we wanted  but we are proud of what we submitted!

Some of us already teamed up for the past GMTK game jam,  if you are interested you can find the game here:

Thank you for playing.

The theme was : LET THERE BE CHAOS

Jam results (1741 entries) :

Theme #16


Game Design#109





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